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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Joy Anderson's Start a Preschool training

My new hero and inspiration: Joy Anderson

Have you heard about Joy Anderson yet? Everyone's talking about her because she just discovered something that might revolutionize the daycare industry. I have taken her Start a Preschool training online and loved watching her videos---her enthusiasm is contagious! I can tell she's a great preschool teacher just from her training videos. I looked forward to each week's video coming to my inbox. Thanks to Joy, I have a dream of my future and what I am praying about doing when I finally finish my ECE degree.

Let me tell you a little about Joy. A few years ago Joy became a single mom. And wanting to stay home with her 3 young kids, she had to find a work-from-home job that would give her a full-time income. She considered selling from multiple party plans (but that would have taken her away from her children and required hiring a sitter). Then she considered running a home daycare, but she didn't like certain aspects of running a home daycare business, like working 10-12 hours a day! (I have been there and done that in my home daycare over 12 years is exhausting even when you really love children).

So she removed all the negative aspects about the business and created something I was totally blown away by! She only works 5 hours a day and makes a full-time income! And she only takes children ages 3-5, which is my favorite age to teach. She says it's the best job for stay-at-home moms because you actually spend quality time with your children WHILE you're making money! I love the idea of taking out the fun parts of a typical daycare day: center time, circle time, activity time and playtime, and building a business on those times. No more hassles of feeding lunches, of getting kiddos to nap, or dealing with tired children who have been at daycare all day and just want to be at home. It really is the icing on the cake in my eyes.

You've got to see what she does! Check out her story by clicking on the link in the right side-bar or by copying and pasting this code into your browser bar:

Plus, she's put together some really cool videos (and even a CD she's giving away for free) to teach you how to do it too! Get your FREE copy here today:

What really impressed me was how Joy got her start-up money and how she used her own home, with very little pocket money or changes to the home, to start what is now a very lucrative business. She has recently opened a second location where she will also be able to provide a state-regulated kindergarten program alongside her preschool. All this from a woman who found herself single with three kids to support. Kudos and blessings to Joy! Her training covers so many things I would have never thought of. Don't try to start a home preschool without Joy's training to help you. She covers it all from set-up to working with parents to advertising to legalities.

Maybe you are looking for work you can do from home...or currently work in a daycare or run your own and need a break from the long hours...or maybe you teach in a school system and are ready for a change...Joy's training could open your eyes the way it did mine.

So if you haven't started your daycare yet because the whole process seems overwhelming,
if you've started your daycare and you feel overwhelmed with the long hours you're working every day, I highly recommend you go check our her story here (copy and paste the link please):

I wouldn't promote Joy's products if I didn't whole-heartedly stand behind her. So give it a try. You have nothing to lose.


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Gabbylives said...

Hi Lynn,
Have you used Joy's video program do you actually have a preschool? I have a daycare but want to work less hours and convert it to a preschool. Help please.

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