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Monday, February 17, 2014

My giddy, blissful home preschool dreams


Well, it's official; my mind has been made up. As soon as college is over and my degree is in hand, as soon as I can get my 1940's cottage home up to code, and get permission to run a home preschool from my home, that is my plan. As I posted before people will surely question why I bothered going to school and racking up student loans just to run an in-home preschool, and here is why: unless God reveals to me something else in life that compares, nothing, not any other job I have ever had makes me feel the happiness and excitement and sheer giddiness I feel when I imagine my home daycare/preschool. :)

  I love all the things about it...setting it up...being my own for the items for the kids....planning the lessons and learning centers....making the schedules....and most of all, being with the kids!  I think of all my jobs so far my time at the daycare really prepared me for the possibility of be able to do this, and showed me how much I really enjoy the preschool age group.

   I began to dream about the idea of a home daycare years before we stopped homeschooling. And I've never stopped. Its all I think about. I draw the rooms, write out the schedules, buy toys at the Goodwill and save them in my basement "just in case". I take my college education courses and alongside them, preschool business trainings. I think about my daycare/preschool in the I drive...when I lay down to sleep. I can't get the thoughts out of my head and nothing else really excites me the way these dreams do.

   So feel free to follow me on Pinterest and keep up with my boards. I have plenty of them pertaining to education:

  • learning is fun
  • the heart of teaching
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  No matter what age level you educate or where, you're sure to find something of use in my pins. But if you, like me, love to work work with preschool children or dream about your own daycare/preschool business, make sure to visit me here often as I share ideas, hopes, and links to helpful sites.


Alex john said...

Thanks for the nice post, really like your blogs. keep posting such good memories..

kels said...

I love this post! I'm a preschool teacher now and it's my dream as well to have my own at home preschool too!

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